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    Looking Good: South Beach Vacation Rentals

    by Caitlin Moore

    Regular people and regular vacations are nice and everything, but sometimes the temptation to surround oneself with incredible, unbelievably good-looking people and scenery is just too much to bear. For these times, there is a place called South Beach that will sate the most demanding appetite not only for aesthetic beauty, but for fun and frivolity as well. A trip here is like visiting a movie/photo shoot/land of amusements, so if that's what you're after then send yourself south sometime soon.

    Start with the basics; you know you'll be spending plenty of time shopping, lounging on the beach, eating at great restaurants and seeing the sights (including lots of attractive people, yes), but first it is important to book a worthy place to stay. South Beach is filled with hotels in all price range but for this different kind of trip why not consider different kinds of accommodations?

    Specifically, check out the prospect of a vacation rental. This broad term may or may not sound familiar, but if traveling is something you take seriously, it should be a well-used part of your vocabulary. A vacation rental could be a condo, a beach villa, an apartment or a cottage. It could be made for two people or twelve, and it could be located amidst the hustle of downtown or tucked a little farther back from the bustling nightlife and swarm of humanity. Just like South Beach itself, the rental offerings here are eclectic, colorful and most likely quite whimsical.

    Pastel colors, swimming pools and green gardens characterize many typical homes around these parts, and staying in one will do wonders for a person's state of mind. After a few months (or years) of mind-numbing work in a less-than bright and cheery land, it'll be like crossing over the rainbow to a place alive with brilliant hues. Waking up to the Florida sun beaming across your comfortable bed and knowing that a world of excitement lies just beyond your front door will mean each day begins on a positive note.

    Before you even leave your home away from home to explore the amusements out there, there's a world of contentment to be taken advantage of right inside your front door. From your master bedroom to your spacious, modern bathroom, from the fully-equipped kitchen perfect for whipping up a healthy South Beach-style breakfast (or bacon and eggs, whatever) to the patio that faces the sea, it'll be tough to tear yourself away. Penthouse or villa, it'll take some time to properly appreciate your lodgings so do leave room in your schedule for the much-coveted down time your pleasing place will allow you.

    Some properties are located within historic buildings in the Art Deco District and sit within two blocks of the beach. This would be the perfect set-up for just about anyone wanting to enjoy South Beach's best features. Art tours and charming sidewalk strolls are prim and proper things to do before eating a sinfully lavish dinner at one of the delectable restaurants or hitting the club scene later on. Dance and carouse to your heart's content and see if you can keep up with the crowd; it's a formidable task, but you're only here for a few days so give it your best shot.

    Hitting the hay back at your comfortable South Beach Vacation Rental could very well become the best part of your evening. Nothing is better than snuggling up in a comfy place after exerting yourself and having a blast, so remember, take care of this one detail to ensure that the rest fall into place. Your South Beach vacation awaits you, so start planning today. has all the information you need to make a smart vacation rental decision for your upcoming trip.

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